It can be difficult to discover all there is to do when visiting a new place, especially a place like Yellowstone where the most popular activity is simply stopping where the wildlife is and checking them out. From our own travels, however, and the experiences we have enjoyed providing comfortable vacation spaces for travelers visiting our town, we have learned that participating in the tours and expeditions of the region being visited, helps create a vacation experience that will never be forgotten. This guide to the top aerial tours of Yellowstone will help you discover the rich and beautiful world we live in, made even better when you come home to our Sweet Home Montana vacation escapes every night of your stay.

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Top Aerial Tours Of Yellowstone

You’re going to spend a lot of time grounded during your Yellowstone vacation, exploring geysers, animal habitats, and the sweetly serene landscape of our Montana home, but our favorite tour company, Fly Yellowstone, located at 629 Airport Road in West Yellowstone, will keep your head in the clouds. Offering a variety of tours that last 30, 45, and 60 minutes, the tours they offer give guests a greater understanding of the area, while providing bird’s eye views of places you may want to return to when your feet are back on terra firma. The airplanes are safe and comfortable Cessna 182’s, offer a bargain price (especially in comparison with helicopter tours, and their pilots offer over 30 years in aviation, making these tours the perfect choice for thrill seekers who still want to feel safe. Up to 3 people can fly and guests must be over 18 to book.

30 Minute Flights To Remember

Fly Yellowstone’s 30 minute tours stay closer to your West Yellowstone vacation sanctuary while offering an educational and entertaining experience. Choose between two flights, the Yellowstone Seismic which explores the history of earthquakes and how they made Yellowstone what it is today, and the Yellowstone Skyline tour. This flight offers a clearer view of the beauty of Yellowstone, showing off a side you would never have seen if you hadn’t taken to the skies.  Prices start at $179 per person.

45 Minutes of Wonder and Beauty

Plane rides can be addictive, so if their 30 minute tours whet your appetite, their 45 minute tours cement your understanding that there is no better way to explore a new area. Also offering two 45 minute tours, Fly Yellowstone delves deeper into the rugged beauty of this part of Montana. Their Rugged Mountain flight will make you forget humans have ever touched the landscape, with the countryside looking wild and untamed from your perch inside the plane. Their Continental Divide flight flies along the rivers that will eventually end at the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans, showing off the serenity that can only be found in large bodies of water. Prices for the 45 minute flights start at $224 per person.

An Hour you will Never Forget

Saving the best for last, the hour long tours provided by Fly Yellowstone offer an experience that visitors will never forget, and even as you are spending 60 minutes in the clouds, we can tell you it will never be long enough. They also offer two hour long flights, starting with the Border Tour that takes guests on a flight around the entirety of Yellowstone National Park, or as much of the park as possible due to flight restrictions. This first flight provides a stunning overview of the vastness of Yellowstone, but it is their final hour long tour that may become the epicenter of your favorite Montana vacation memories. Their Combo Flight is exactly as it sounds, a flight that combines the Skyline, Rugged Mountain, and Continental Divide flights, showing off the best parts of each flight and making guests fall in love with the skies and the expansive views they are enjoying of the ground below! Prices for this tour start at $269 per person.

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Comfortable Adventures with Sweet Home Montana

However you spend your daylight hours during your West Yellowstone vacation, coming home to Home Sweet Montana will ensure that this vacation is one that will spoil you against all others. Relax on balconies overlooking the most scenic spots in Yellowstone, keeping your eyes open to more wildlife encounters, create home cooked meals in fully equipped kitchens, and spend every night dreaming happy dreams in the most comfortable beds in the state. And when you fall asleep each night, don’t be surprised if, after your daylight adventures, you find yourself flying through the night skies in your dreams. A Yellowstone getaway hits differently especially when enjoyed from the comfortable confines of our Montana vacation rentals, providing peace, serenity, and an innate quiet that will help quiet the chaos of your soul. Contact us to reserve your favorite haven today! Search our rentals by bedroom here!

Family traditions are important, often becoming an essential part of the memories created when the structure of your family changes. We all remember the golden days of our youth, when every year Mom and Dad loaded us up in the station wagon, driving us across the miles, enduring multiple renditions of 99 bottles of beer on the wall, the never ending game of slug bug (we still have bruises on our arms from that game) and numerous queries of “are we there yet?” often being asked within minutes of pulling out of the driveway. We always stayed in hotels or motels during those long ago trips, but when you want to continue that tradition with your own family during your summer vacation in Montana, staying in the suites and rooms we provide will offer an updated and far more comfortable vacation experience.

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Why Stay In The Suites And Rooms At Sweet Home Montana

Chances are you never stayed in a suite during your childhood travels, but the luxuries we provide in our Sweet Home Montana escapes will make you never want to travel with family any other way. These beautiful and spacious retreats are located right where you want to be, offering sweeping views of the Montana landscape and separate bedrooms that ensure mom and dad can get in all the private time they need while the siblings can enjoy late night giggles that will largely go ignored, but not unheard, as parents realize that the kiddos deserve this extra bonding time. Also knowing that it won’t be too long before the call of the sandman is heeded, due to daytime adventures that ensured the wild ones are properly exhausted. Perhaps the best part of our beautiful suites, however, will be the ones that come with fully equipped kitchens or kitchenettes, allowing the vacation budget to sigh a breath of relief with the realization that not every meal has to be eaten at the admittedly very delicious, but potentially expensive restaurants that dot our landscape.

Room for Romance

In the age of vacation home rentals, the standard hotel room has been pushed aside, sneered at, and often disregarded, but our Montana rooms are not standard hotel rooms. Again, located exactly where you want to be, these spacious rooms are ideal for honeymooners, small families, and maybe adventurers who want to spend a little less, saving their vacation dollars for more important things like delicious meals enjoyed with an entire bottle of wine or admission into Yellowstone National Park for another day of naturally wonderful fun. The rooms that we offer do not resemble those roadside shelters in any way, shape, or form (aside from offering beds and tv’s!) and will be the ideal spots to relax and recharge in after a long day of explorations. Premium beds topped with the softest of linens, large windows that look out onto the Yellowstone landscape, and those state of the art televisions that will help ease the transition from wide awake to sound asleep, all work together to ensure that your stay will be comfortable, welcoming, and relaxing.

The Adventures You Will Never Forget

The joy of a summer vacation in Montana spent in our Home Sweet Montana escapes is one that must be experienced to be believed and as you spend every night nestled in cozy rooms and suites, dreaming about the adventures you had while knowing that the next day’s adventures will be even greater, this vacation will move up the list to “best vacation ever” status faster than you could imagine. You probably won’t spend many of your daylight hours at home with us, but that’s ok, there is just so much to explore here that we wouldn’t want it any other way. Maybe Dad will wake up early every morning to get in a few hours behind the pole at Hebgen Lake or maybe your adventures will include a visit to Old Faithful geyser, erupting up to 20 times a day. A variety of tours of Yellowstone, including Easy Tours Yellowstone and Back Country Adventures, will give you a greater understanding as to why this first National Park is the one that will stay in your heart forever.

A Taste of the Town

Now, not all our suites offer fully equipped kitchens, and of course, the rooms will generally only offer microwaves, mini fridges, and coffee makers, but even if you planned ahead and rented a suite with the kitchen, we do recommend exploring the tasty delights served at the Wild West Pizzeria & Saloon, located at 14 Madison Avenue. A local tradition for 25 years and providing an authentic Western experience, only with pizza, parents will love the beer, wine, and live entertainment.

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Come Home to Sweet Home Montana

Welcoming travelers and making them feel comfortable is what we do; contact us today to reserve your favorite suite or room today!

Once upon a time, travelers looked upon hotel rooms as simply a place to rest and recuperate from their daily adventures while vacationing, not caring that the entire family often had to share a solo bath, that the two beds four or more people had to sleep on were bumpy and hard, and perhaps not noticing that the money they thought they were saving by sharing the room was being eaten up by the expense of eating out for every meal. Today’s travelers, however, seek something more. They want comfort, they want luxury, and they want the space they deserve and for those preparing for a vacation in Montana, they want the comforts found in our Sweet Home Montana vacation rentals. So what exactly makes Sweet Home Montana’s properties better than hotel rooms?

The Entire Family Is Invited

Unless your pet is a support animal, most hotels won’t allow you to bring them along, but many of our properties are pet friendly ones, ensuring that your entire family will be able to enjoy this vacation in Big Sky Country. Cozy and comfortable, these escapes will provide lush green areas in which your sweet fur babies will be able to frolic and roam.

Budget Friendly

It seems hard to believe, but choosing one of our Sweet Home Montana escapes can actually end up saving you money on this vacation, and who doesn’t like to save money? The math is easy, as some of the savings come from something you understand very well at home: Being able to eat at home instead of being forced into dining out every meal saves you money! 

The cost of dining out grows higher every year and although we don’t expect you to cook every night, our fully equipped kitchens will help you save money and make the chore of meal prep not so bad. Chef quality appliances and a cheerful vibe make these spaces popular, even when only being used to brew coffee and keep your cold beverages cold.

Of course, we aren’t suggesting you eat in every meal, as this part of Montana is known for its comfort food and down-home cooking, and it would be a shame to not venture out at least a few times during your stay, but the money you can save from eating in can go towards souvenirs, adventures, or perhaps be put towards another vacation somewhere down the line.

The Space You Crave

Family vacations are meant to be a time to help draw parents and children closer together, but even with those we love, there can always be a little too much togetherness making the extra space something that appeals to all. Retreat onto porches lined with rocking chairs, waiting for the sun to set the sky on fire at sunset, as your teens play video games at the dining room tables and your tweens turn the state of the art televisions to their favorite shows. For a few minutes, at least, the squabbles will cease, and peace will reign supreme.

The Family That Plays Together

We’ve talked about having the space you need to enjoy some quiet time after the end of a long day of Yellowstone fun, but what about those moments when you really want to hang out with the family? Yes, you will be living it up as you explore the natural beauty of the area, but our cozy cabins offer all the ways to enjoy a deeper family vacation experience.

Gather around the large dining room tables in the sanctuary you chose, playing the board games that are often found on bookshelves or cabinets throughout the space. This was something you probably did many times with your own parents as a child, and the memories have become treasured ones that you want to share with your family. On rainy nights, is there anything more comforting and relaxing than popping some popcorn in the microwave and sharing the fluffy white kernels as you watch a movie together? Our state-of-the-art televisions will make you feel as if you are an extra in the movie, are seated courtside at the big basketball game, or in many cases, will actually feel like you are seated in a theater, only the seats will be more comfortable and the concessions will be a heck of a lot cheaper!

Privacy and Peace

There can be a time and a place when a hotel room will make more sense, but during your vacation in Montana, the privacy of having your own space and the peace and quiet you will experience will very likely be one of your favorite parts of your vacation. No unruly guests laughing or playing the television too loudly and no door slams or arguments in the wee hours of the morning will disrupt the night’s sleep you have been waiting for all day. Just stunning views, quiet nights, and the joy of sharing a vacation with the people you love most.

The Comfort You Deserve

You work hard every day of your life, too hard to accept lumpy mattresses and rock-hard sofas, and our Sweet Home Montana family sanctuaries provide the comfort that you deserve, something your basic hotel room often cannot. Relax and rest easily in every room we offer and wake up ready to face a new day of Montana adventures; reserve your favorite property and contact us today!